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The List

Woke up and breathed

A no-cosmetics day (God help those who may see me)

Not-boring oatmeal and coffee

Fixed bed


Website update accomplished

Drink water

SEO info updated

Streamlined apps on phone

Won a little (very little) money in an onilne game

Walked away from that

Drink water

Measured Santa paintings for borders

Noticed that the pouring deluge of rain has now stopped

Take trash out

Water-level drive

Thinking thoughts


Arrive home


Drink water

Pomegranate and cheese lunch

Decide which product will use the rainbow christmas tree textile

Update Etsy shop

Write down Wix login before I forget it again

Review budget for the week

Review Cards of a Different Color line (should have 10 when all is said and done)

Drink water

Embroider initials

Finish D&A's gift

Finish N&W's gift

Package up R's gift

Remember that when I do a to-do list, it needs to be short, for a few hours duration only and actually doable. Otherwise it turns into a list of accomplishments of the day, which does make me feel pretty good, so really, I seem to be embracing the concept of lists after all.

Drink wine

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