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To Begin With . . .

I'm leaving in 10 minutes. The highlight of my day was finding a set of clear retainers wrapped in dry paper in the middle of the hallway outside of my art room door around 2 p.m. today. I showed it to a colleague math teacher and we mutually pronounced it "Ew"; I placed it on top of the bubbler and sent a group all-call. A Drawing & Painting sophomore student stopped by to drop off a cardboard sculpture shoe that she made during her freshman year (I didn't realize she was only a sophomore until now - I had to look her up). She felt that she had to do something to inspire an earlier freshmen class that seemed so lost with their own cardboard sculptures - so inept - that she called home and her mom dropped it off for us. So thoughtful. And yes, still, I'm leaving.

I cannot wait to get out of here.

The time cannot come fast enough. I'm horrified at times that I don't know what I'll be doing to ensure that rent is paid the first of each month. And I work more at it each day. Last night I was on a call with a cousin who lives in Las Vegas - a wonderful diversion - who has a fantastic way about him to inspire and go down that adventure path of newness with hope, real hope - which is so incredibly awesome - and boom - today - I received a job offer to part-time for a group online. It's not a big thing, nothing full-time - but it's certainly something a start. And if I get enough of these, and begin a bunch of small projects together, it could be enough to guarantee rent and that would then not be a worry.

Or a real job could come in. One with benefits that does not rely on my looks or my age (which as my cousin pointed out is a benefit of working remote, online, in the multiverse, which I've embraced before it was a "thing" anyway). It will just take a little more research. So off I go today - home - but not really home - but to the library - a destination where I can sit in the sun - and dig into the world of the NFT and see what I can learn and what I can make.

Gotta go :D

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