Please note: I am working toward formal accreditation and am NOT an accredited art therapist. My work is more that of individualized art lessons with a focus on self-expression, stress-relief, self-management and mindfulness. My services are not covered by insurance and are prepaid.

As a teaching artist with extensive experience in middle school, secondary through adult continuing education, I provide individual and small group art therapy consultation services on a contracted basis as I work toward formal accreditation. Our focus is on self-expression and stress-relief through art-making with a lot of art play. Clay, paint, new materials - you may get a little sloppy and out of your comfort zone but only at your pace but know this - we play a lot!


     Schedule is never compulsory. You book your nonrefundable prepaid sessions (nonrefundable and prepaid as I travel to you). We agree on a time and choose a place; art students have met at ceramics studios, libraries, outdoors and parks on good weather days, museums - always public spaces; parents and guardians are welcome. We plan locations at our first meet-up. There is no charge for our orientation meet-up. To give you an idea of the cost, a 1 1/2 to 2 hour watercolor session fee is $80; a ceramics fee is $100.

     Here are some of the reasons why my current people work with me:

       -  high turnover social media job (stress-relief, resilience)

       -  air traffic controller needing a way to unwind (stress-relief)                         

       -  MIT grad students applying for corporate grants (stress-relief, resilience)         

       -  Tufts doctoral candidates (visual journal, ideation, visual organization)

       -  medical students aspiring to ER/triage environment (stress-relief, resilience)

       -  newly retired returning to a previous talent (visual journal, ideation, iterations, resilience)

       -  adult Asperger students seeking to fine tune social skills  

Use the Contact page for more information or set up a chat. Online opportunities are available for those who are housebound :)

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